The Zen of Floral Pattern Design

From the Cecilie O Classic Collection: Modern Vintage – Floral Pattern

meditation-quote-2_cecilie-oI come from Norway- Winter Wonderland, and like all good Norwegians I thought it has the best of great snowscapes. But the serene beauty of snow-covered temple roofs and Zen gardens in Japan make for some of the most magical sights of all….. a surreal white fairy blanket.

It was around Christmas in 2005 that a heavy snowfall took us by surprise in Kyoto, and over the  the years I kept returning to the photographs that we took back then, again and again… until one day I set to work to create a pattern to remember this magical day. I felt like a Zen monk contemplating the significance of a single snowflake

Chrysanthemum themes from traditional temple metal work, and a circular motif from temple cloth make up the core inspiration. You can see both in the photographs below. It was a long, grinding road to refine the composition and find a simple color scheme. The result is a Scandinavian take on iconic Japanese imagery-  a floral pattern called “Kyoto”, with much affection.[easymedia-gallery med=”519,680,682″ filter=”1″]


  1. Jacquelyn Elliott says

    It is interesting to see the inspiration photos and the connection to your final designs. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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